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Florence Florence Florence


Dimension:47.2x 47.2x 88.2
Capacity: 2 Persons
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The Florence’s modern steel trim and tranquil wood accents create a consistent escape.   The tranquil wood stool creates an ideal spot to sit down and enjoy an aromatherapy session while listening to the soothing rhythms from the stereo system. The digital blue-light control panel enables the seamless control of the chromatherapy lights, steam system, and many other ammenities. The touch screen allows the adjustment of water temperature, chromatherapy lights, and music to create the  ideal setting. A negative ion system provides added detoxifying benefits to the water.  Spacious and with room for two, the Florence serves as a spacious spa to cleanse both the body and mind.

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Vitamin C Shower Filter




Set different lighting schemes to match your mood. Wasauna showers are equipped with 7 different lighting schemes that can be set automatically.


Digital FM Radio

Enjoy listening to your favorite radio station on the digital surround sound stereo while you bathe and relax.


Amazon Rain Shower

Wasauna's oversized ceiling showerhead provides a relaxing, rainforest downpour.


Cypress Wood Floors

The cypress wood floor exudes a warmth and elegance to your home. A species of pine, cypress reflects the earthy tones of brown, amber and green in its grain patterns. The natural swirls and knots of the cypress hardwood enable it to withstand abrasion, scratches and natural wear and tear. A clear coat glaze or stain finish highlights its natural color.


Massage Jets

The massage jets concentrate warm water and air into a focused, pressurized stream of water that stimulates circulation, relaxes the muscles and promotes the release of endorphins, the body's natural stress and pain killers.




Ceiling Rain Shower Head


Hand Shower

Wall-Mounted for Convenient Access

Massage Jets

12 Shower Massage Jets


Water Resistant Oak Floor


Water Resistant Oak

Stool Dimensions (LxWxH)



6 Light Settings

Control Panel

LED Touchpad






Digital FM radio


Commercial Grade Steam System w/Self Cleaning Function

Shampoo Holder

Single Glass Shelf




220v / 30amp



Therapeutic Benefits

Steam uses the body's own natural defenses to maintain good health. A steam sauna's heat and moisture raises the body's temperature boosting the immune system and expelling toxins. Steam revives pores and rejuvenates skin, improves circulation, relaxes aching muscles, relieves arthritis, back pain, asthma, and reduces stress.

Metabolic Benefits

This Florence has an efficient, steam generator, which can produce spa-quality, professional steam quickly. A 15-20 minute sauna treatment raises your heart rate strengthening the cardiovascular system. This increases blood circulation enabling the bloodstream to transport more nutrients. A healthier body will burn calories more efficiently allowing more effective weight loss.

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