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Luxury Steam Shower Rooms: Vitamin C for Gorgeous Skin

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Steam Showers

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About Wasauna Steam Shower Rooms
A Wasauna Steam Shower is designed for the specific purpose of making your skin gorgeous and youthful. The shower uses a variety of advanced technologies to beautify your skin, including a patented Vitamin C / Chlorine Water Filter that sooths your skin with nourishing Vitamin C every time you step in the shower, while it prevents chlorine, which ages and dries skin, from touching your skin. Our showers produce steam powerful enough to clean out your pores to make your skin smooth and blemish free. From the plush hotels of Rome and Macau to America's single family homes, Wasauna's unique brand of gorgeous steam showers have taken the bathroom industry by storm. We are proud to say our hard work has led to one simple fact: Wasauna makes the best steam room in the world. (Backed by a 5 year warranty).
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