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Wasauna Return / Warranty Policy

All of Wasauna's bathroom fixtures come with a 5 year parts warranty. If a Wasauna product fails due to a manufacturing defect, Wasauna will replace the part at no charge to the customer, and ship it to the customer for free. In some cases, we may require the customer to ship the malfunctioning part back to Wasauna before we can replace the part. Certain conditions apply to make our warranty valid. Any bathroom product with electrical components (steam showers and whirlpool bathtubs, primarily) are required to be installed by a licensed electrician. If the customer cannot provide evidence that the Wasauna shower or tub was not installed by a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber, the warranty will be void. If you have any uncertainty regarding the electrical components, please call us.

If a Wasauna customer requires replacement for a part that was damaged by the customer and is not malfunctioning due to a factory defect, Wasauna will replace the part at only our cost for the part plus shipping. We are in the business of selling reliable bathroom products, not profiting from price gouging on parts. Our ultimate goal is to leave you completely satisfied with your product, even years after you have purchased, and our technical support team and customer service team will do their best to make sure this happens.

Wasauna stocks most commonly replaced parts. If a damaged part is in stock, we can ship it to the customer within 24-48 hours. We ship our parts by UPS or USPS standard ground shipping. If a customer wishes to have the part shipped faster, we offer them the option of paying for overnight or 2nd day delivery. In the event that a part is not in stock, it may take up to 4-6 weeks for Wasauna to supply the part to our customers. Returns must be inspected by Wasauna staff prior to issuing a replacement.

Please inspect package at the time of delivery and note any damage on the bill of lading. Concealed damage claims must be reported to Wasauna within 15 days of receipt.

10 year Vessel Sink warranty plan:

Our sinks come with a 10 year full replacement warranty. If your sink is damaged in any way, whether or not the damage is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the entire sink for only the cost of shipping the sink to you, plus a $25 warehouse handling fee. If the sink malfunctions within the first five years due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace the sink at no cost to the customer.

As a general policy, Wasauna does not accept returns once an item has been shipped. Because of our extremely high quality standards, and in order for us to offer truly new products to all of our customers, it is required that the item is in our possession until it is shipped to the customer. Therefore, once we ship a product to a customer we will not resell it to another customer as a new Wasauna product. In extreme situations where a customer feels they absolutely must return the item, we do accept returns with the following conditions:

  1. Returns must be executed within 5 days of product receipt.
  2. Item must be returned in brand new condition, with absolutely no damage.
  3. The buyer must pay a 20-30% restocking fee, depending on the product. In addition to the restocking fee, the buyer will also be responsible for paying round trip shipping on the returned item.
  4. The refund will issued once the item is in our warehouse and has been inspected by our staff and certified to be undamaged.
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