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Bathroom Remodeling

Check out all the bathroom remodeling ideas Wasauna has to offer, including these videos of our state-of-the-art steam showers. Bathroom Design: Statistics show that renovating a bathroom adds more value to your home than the cost of performing the renovation. Wasauna makes terrific bathroom products - relaxing steam rooms, jetted bathtubs, and environmentally friendly dual flush toilets, vessel sinks, shower panels, and more). We are also happy to take design a bathroom blueprint for you that would consist of only Wasauna products, or a mix of Wasauna products and products from other manufacturers. Simply email whatever architectural information, sketches, or blueprints that you have about your bathroom to [email protected] and we will have our professional staff of interior designers come up with a series of sketches for you.

Bathroom remodeling starts with your vision for what bathroom style you love. Let's start with a look at your bathroom furniture. What can you do to make it more appealing? You might want to add a comfortable boudoir chair and maybe some new fluffy towels to your bathroom. And for a small investment, you could add a towel warmer that will heat your bathroom on the gloomiest day while, at the same time, warm up those fluffy new towels for when you get out of the tub.

Nothing could be more luxurious than getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. There are many towel warmers options on the market today, but www.abathroomguide.com provides a useful guide on how to select the right one for your bathroom.

However, you can have the most wonderful ambiance, the warmest towel, if you encounter a cold room and your feet connect to a cold bathroom tile, your spa-like feeling quickly disappears. Tiles or stones are premium products in the bathroom, but they also feels unbearably cold, and it's safe to say that most homeowners would like to avoid that apprehensive first step out of a nice warm shower onto the icy bathroom tile floor.

Luckily, new ultra-thin warming systems install conveniently under your bathroom tile and turn your floor into a soothing, luxuriously warm surface. Now, you have a luxurious heated spa at home without making an appointment!

If you are looking to estimate bathroom renovation costs and value added to your home, email [email protected] with some basic information about your product. We have some tools that can calculate these estimates. A shower sauna provides all sorts of therapeutic benefits.

Let's now look at your tub. Have you thought about Chromotherapy? The new Sok bath from Kohler allows an individual to be immersed in a warm, ultra-deep bathtub and, with the touch of a button, enhance the bathing environment to include a full spectrum of dramatic color - from soothing to stimulating.

If you are in England, check out www.betterbathrooms.com for European bathroom design: sinks, taps, showers, and bathtubs.

Looking to compare a Wasauna steam shower to an Ariel SS, Constar SS, Kohler BodySpa, Maax Rainforest, WMK steam shower, or Pearl Apoge Shower System? Wasauna has taken the best features of all of these products and made them our own. Our showers have more features available, higher quality acrylic, and more reliable functionality.

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? If you have any questions, try asking our experts for help. Ask us a question that we end up using in our FAQ page, and we'll send you a check for $100!

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